Petrus Communications is a multi-award winning international agency that specialises in linking our clients – engineering and business employers – with students and the global education community. Created in 2005, Petrus now comprises a team of 30 research, communication and digital experts creating and implementing projects world-wide. We support our clients in building productive and results focused relationships with key university stakeholders, ensuring that their messages are heard and a meaningful dialogue established. Our hallmark is the design and delivery of creative programmes, campaigns and events that lead to impactful outcomes.

What We Do

From Argentina to Australia, we’re working with employers, universities, student organisations and NGOs to deliver inspiring projects on campus that make a difference.

GEDC Industry Forum

In partnership with the Global Engineering Deans Council (GEDC), we are organising the first
GEDC Industry Forum in June 2017. The Forum will focus on how universities and industry
can work together to develop the skills required among future generations of engineering
graduates and leaders.

Current Opportunities

We’re looking for talented early career and experienced candidates to join our client facing
teams in France, delivering exceptional service across a range of exciting global projects.

Airbus Fly Your Ideas

Now in its 6th edition, this biennial global student challenge in partnership with UNESCO has
seen over 22,000 students from more than 700 universities take up the challenge to innovate
with Airbus for the sustainable future of aviation.

Airbus Global University Partner Programme

Petrus has worked closely with the University Relations team to create bespoke initiatives
and events that enable Airbus to ensure the company’s long term skills needs are
shared with a targeted group of universities globally.

Total Campus

To help Total develop a long-term talent pipeline, and share their employer brand messages
on campuses worldwide, Petrus worked with the University Relations Team to create a
multi-channel platform to engage students with a range of opportunities to get to know Total.

GEDC Airbus Diversity Award

Petrus brought together the Global Engineering Deans Council and Airbus for this joint award,
as a high profile way to share both parties’ commitment to increasing the diversity amongst
the global engineering community, and inspire others to introduce or replicate initiatives in
their own institutions.

Airbus Innovation Week

A team from the University of São Paulo in Brazil took home the top prize at Airbus
Fly Your Ideas 2013. To mark their success, Petrus facilitated two Airbus expert Innovators to lead
a week of innovation activity at the university; a chance for students to apply their classroom
learning to real-world problems.

Current Opportunities

To take our Bishop Auckland Rugby Club sponsorship one step further, we are organizing an
employability event on the 28 March for the junior teams at the club. The event will offer insights
into career opportunities with local employers and other club sponsors, as well as a highly
interactive networking and skills session, in typical Petrus style! Alongside this we’re proud to
launch a ‘Communications Coordinator’ internship position at the Club which will feature a
2-week placement in Fontainebleau for the intern to work with Petrus team.

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Our Services

Strategy, design, implementation of interactive programmes and competitions bringing students and industry together (e.g. summer schools, online and onsite competitions and challenges) for recruitment, innovation, employee engagement and training, communications.

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Activate your employer brand on campus and communicate your opportunities to the right students, graduates, alumni, all over the world.

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Create and animate university-industry networks and events for competences, innovation, diversity, dialogue for overall a better understanding of the needs of all stakeholders and more impactful common projects.

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All About Petrus

We’re looking for talented early career and experienced candidates to join our client facing teams in France and Romania, delivering exceptional service across a range of exciting global projects.

Opportunities in Bucharest office

Internships with Petrus

We have ongoing internship opportunities in France, Romania and UK for exceptional candidates ready to work in a dynamic, intercultural setting with leading companies. Internship could lead to full-time role. Applications welcome year round.

We create innovative and impactful projects that bring together leading companies and the global education community.
We work with leading global clients to help them engage with a changing generation of students, by creating initiatives to enable employers to develop long-term relationships with educators and their students, tackling issues such as diversity, intercultural skills and entrepreneurialism. Through our work, students develop their employability skills, take classroom learning into the real world and find opportunities to launch their careers.

Find out more about life as an intern by reading Ellie’s, Dominic‘s and Daria`s testimonials, and find out more about the opportunities.
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What’s Happening at Petrus?

Stay in touch for the latest news from our international team: engaging projects, networks and partnerships; creative campaigns and innovative research; online, on campus, in the media, at events, worldwide.

Did you know that the first regional GEDC Industry Forum took place in March 2019, organised by Petrus, following the success of the 2017 global Industry Forum? Join us at the second global event in Fontainebleau, France in July 2019!

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